May 10, 2017

Greetings from the Ontario Regional Technology and Information Services, Inc. (ORTIS):

It is my distinct pleasure to address you after our first complete year of operations, and provide you with a quick update regarding some of the accomplishments from our past year.

Our role at ORTIS is quite simple; to provide the best MLS® System and supporting services possible. We believe combining the resources of multiple boards into one has resulted in an ecosystem far stronger than what any one of us could provide individually.

A few of the highlights include:

The 7,000 properties listed by an ORTIS REALTOR® within another ORTIS Member’s jurisdictional area would have had to have been interboarded to the other board, prior to ORTIS.

  • This saved over (approximately) 230 hours of staff time processing these listings (since they are now entered into the home board and immediately marketed to all ORTIS users).
  • This also saved thousands of dollars for our members who no longer have to incur interboard fees among ORTIS boards.


ORTIS has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a new partner Member Board, and they should be live in the fall of this year. Stay tuned for additional updates!

ORTIS is currently responding to a request from one additional board for information who is interested in joining our shared regional MLS® System.

Data Share with RAHB

Our friends and colleagues at RAHB continue their path to releasing their own stand-alone MLS® System.

The ORTIS board and the Executive Officer of RAHB signed a Memorandum of Understanding in February to implement a data share between ORTIS and RAHB. ORTIS and RAHB are keenly aware of the importance for all our members to be able to seamlessly access each other’s MLS® Information. As a result, we have diligently pursued a final agreement and are optimistic that we’ll soon be able to announce the data sharing both ORTIS and RAHB has enjoyed since our inception will continue as RAHB moves to their own stand-alone MLS® System.

Coming Enhancements


ORTIS is currently partnering with CREA to add the functionality to allow members to directly load a listing from WEBForms™ to the MLS® System. Members will still be required to acquire the proper authority prior to submitting the listing information, but they will no longer be required to enter the same data multiple times. 


ORTIS and our partners at Teranet are working on an enhanced CMA functionality that will allow you to launch a CMA from a subject property in the MLS® System and include information from the GeoWarehouse records (which will include all sale information).

We will also be adding links to facilitate additional Teranet reports (i.e. Home Verified Insurance Claims History and other reports).

We have a few other exciting enhancements in the hopper, and I would encourage you to stay tuned as ORTIS is just getting started!

It has been my distinct honour and pleasure to serve as you this past year and I look forward to many productive years together.

George Patton, ORTIS President